HugeGlobal Strategy

Geo-Optimized Redundancy Means Fast, Robust Buffering and Download Times For Your Users

How We Think:

Huge.Global uses the following metrics as dimensions to decide where to place each file

File Metrics

  1. File Popularity: Popular files are more likely to be retrieved again in the future. HugeGlobal optimizes download times by placing popular files on more servers than unpopular files.
  2. File Owner, VIP Status Certain users can have higher redundancy rates than others which is managed with VIP Users. This allows developers to add incentives to their sites' paid subscription plans.
  3. Public vs. Private Files: Popular public files are more replicated because users are more likely to access them from anywhere in the world.
  4. File Accessed From Lat, Lon: It's a big world out there and while data transfer speeds are amazingly fast, the network is still one of the largest bottleknecks to users accessing their files instantly. By drastically reducing the distance that files have to travel, a system can better serve users using servers that are in close proximity if possible.
  5. Total Available Space If HugeGlobal ever starts running into space limitations, it has to compromise and reduce redundancy to cope. Storage is so cheap that this shouldn't happen.

Server Metrics

  1. Server Location & Internet Speed: HugeGlobal performs worldwide speedtests from each of your servers to optimize file placement.

Disk Metrics

  1. Disk Read Speed: Disk read speed in a major component in the time a user has to wait for their file. By regularly performing performancing tests, HugeGlobal can identify which disks are most qualified to serve the users.
  2. Total/Free Disk Size A major factor to which files are stored on which disks is each disk's size and available space.

A Cluster Is A Developer's Best Friend

We wanted to create an easy way for people to harness the power of commodity hardware working together, potentially enhanced with online VPS providers like AWS to give users an amazing file and date serving infrastructure.

We partnered with our exclusive hardware provider, Manz Computers to offer incredibly cheap storage with support and warranty. Add HugeGlobal storage for as little as 8 cents per GB and own the storage medium.

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State of The Internet

Check out the undersea cables of the world. Imagine the benefit of amplifying a United States datacenter with one in Mumbai!

Run From Command Line Or Cron Job

HugeGlobal makes it easy to manage an entire fleet of servers from an online portal.

Monitor server performance and specs, run commands, alter database structures, elect a new king.

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  • securely and redundantly stores all of its users beloved files with ease using the Huge.Global framework.

File Replication

Files should be stored in multiple disks(on separate servers, preferably) to prevent any data loss if hardware failure should occur.