Real Truth

We Hold These Truths Sacred:

  1. The more hardware/ network resources the better Servers, CPU, RAM, Hard Drives, Internet Connections
  2. The more content & data the better Files and database records, hardware and network benchmarks
  3. The more replication and redundancy the better Geographical distribution is ideal
  4. System monitoring tools are crucial: Dashboards and Notifications
  5. Different servers provide variable utility to end users Files can be optimally placed for faster access
  6. File access is predictable by access history (file popularity, last accessed on, and user location)
  7. Hardware Dies "All things must pass" -George Harrison

"If You Were Really Smart You'd Know What To Do"
-Talking Heads

Servers, Disks, Files, & Databases, Meet Geo-Optimized Redundancy

Redundant systems of the modern era require a fault tolerant solution for replicating files and database records across an array of servers each with one or more disks.

Having each of your files and databases copied onto multiple drives is a great way to prevent data loss.

Moving file storage away from your primary server by replicating across multiple commodity servers is a great way to utilize production resources.

Connect Any Number of Servers & Disks

The more the merrier!

Distribute and Amplify

Perform CRUD operations on any of the servers. Upload files to any server. File storing and fetching is distributed across servers and disks.

For a More Connected World

Websites of the future will need to offer more and more computing resources to the user in order to compete. The sun sets on the days of running a top million ranked site off a single drive.

DataBase Synchronization

Specify the databases you wish to replicate on each of the cluster's servers. Each Replicated Database has a single server specified as the king server and the others are pawn servers. CRUD operations can be made on any server(just update the timestamp and _srvr fields in conjunction). Make any change to the structure of the database on the King Server and it will permeate to each of the pawns.

A server can be added to a cluster by running the flo.php command --JoinCluster with the new cluster King's endpoint and access code specified

Amplify With Confidence


Happy Clients

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  • securely and redundantly stores all of its users beloved files with ease using the Huge.Global framework.

File Replication

Files should be stored in multiple disks(on separate servers, preferably) to prevent any data loss if hardware failure should occur.